"I had been asked to create a tablescape which would be auctioned off for a charity event. I was searching for design inspiration when I wandered into the Shine Handmade booth at the Chicago Show. I found exactly what I needed.

The fabrics are beautiful, the combinations so artful, and they are easy to work with. I recommend using one of these pieces as your design inspiration for a space or as the finishing touch for your makeover".

Frank Fontana

designer, author, and HGTV host

"This woman does a wonderful job on the color and pattern choices and her dressmaker details are divine".

Cindy Galvin, designer and owner of Maze Home

"This is a very economical way to freshen a room by bringing in a new splash of color for the season".

Pam Chan, designer

"I almost cried. Couldn't believe my shipment arrived overnight, and, it is the most luxurious looking topper in the entire world. Far better than I ever expected. My buffet now looks completely luxe and I will use this for many months. Please be sure to email me when the new Spring Line rolls out".