What are the sizes?

All table toppers are 52" square. The diagonal measurement is approximately 75" point to point. Runners are 14"x 60", 14" x 65", 14" x 72" or 14" x 90" unless otherwise marked.

What size table topper should I buy? I don't know my table size.

Our toppers can be used on almost any size and shape table. They are nice over any size round tables. They can be placed on the diagonal for rectangular or square tables. Because they are accent pieces,  they are not meant to completely cover your table. Some people put full tablecloths under them or use place mats around them for dining.

What size table runner should I buy?

Personal preference will determine whether you let the runner hang down over the edge of a table. Some people like to see the whole runner on the tabletop. If in doubt, buy the longer runner; there are many ways to manipulate it to make it appear shorter. Also, if you add a leaf in your table, it will still fit.

How do I care for my topper or runner?

To achieve the best results, we recommend dry cleaning for these high quality fabrics. Most of our fabrics are treated with a soil and stain resistant finish so cleaning is not a frequent issue.

Do you make custom sizes?

We can easily make longer or shorter runners and are happy to do so. Custom-sized toppers usually require a seam in the center fabric to make them larger, which may be acceptable in some fabrics. Custom smaller sizes can easily be accomplished. 

Do you make toppers or runners from customer's own material?

I'm sorry, we do not. To keep the integrity of your precious fabrics and provide the highest quality options, we only use our material.

What is your return policy?

Returns are accepted within 2 weeks of purchase date if in original condition. Contact us for return instructions. Clearance items are not returnable.

Contact Janet@ShineHandmade.com or call her at 630-319-3789.